Free Fun Games

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Enjoy these great free flash games.   These free flash games can be played online!

List Flash Games By
Mecha Arena Mecha Arena
In the RPG game Mecha Arena your duty is to train, adjust and upgrade your mecha. Hire mechanics and drivers, perform trainings and enter battles to get money and status!
Monster Saga Monster Saga
In the RPG adventure game Monster Saga it is your task to defeat all evil. Select and train your monster units in order to defeat all enemy units in various battles. Collect cash and food to make the monsters evolve and become much stronger.
Frozy and Fred Frozy and Fred
Platform adventure game with boss battles, secrets and achievements. Help the friends Frozy and Fred to complete each level.
Shadow Tag Shadow Tag
Try to collect all necessary stuff and reach the car in each level of the creepy maze game 'Shadow Tag' but beware of the children of the corn!
Indiana Jonas Indiana Jonas
Platform adventure game. Avoid the obstacles and try to reach the end of each level.
Jacksmith Jacksmith
In the battle sim and serving game 'Jacksmith' you actually have to do the job of a blacksmith! Manufacture new weapons and watch the fights.
Fiery Poker Fiery Poker
In the card game Fiery Poker you must use the highest combinations of poker in a 5 by 5 grid in order to score as much points as possible.
Trafficator 2: Road Panic Trafficator 2: Road Panic
Control the traffic and stop the cars on time to prevent traffic jams and accidents.
Tinysasters Tinysasters
Can you save your tiny world and most of its inhabitants from the threatening natural disaster? Just play god in the Populous-like sim game 'Tinysasters'.
Free The Prince Free The Prince
In the adventure puzzle Free The Prince you must try and save the prince. Cross the platform stages opening gates and solving the puzzles to advance. Pick up and drop rocks to open gates and try to retrieve the key in each level.
Hobo Brawl 6 Hobo Brawl 6
Welcome to the Hobo Hell! Help that badass bum to beat up tons of enemies again the the 6th part of that funny fighting game. Hit P for controls.
Jump Me Jump Me
'Jump Me' is a clever but still not so hard puzzle board game. Every piece can only be moved once, except you jump over it with another one.
Overhaul Overhaul
In the defense game 'Overhaul' you will have to prove your match three skills. Drop, merge and manage blocks and defeat the attackers.
Blackwood Prologue Blackwood Prologue
Is this still the same dream or did you just enter a new one? Nothing is like it seems in the artsy platform adventure game 'Blackwood Prologue'!
Movefastinator Movefastinator
In the slide and glide puzzle maze game 'Movefastinator' you gotta think and move fast. The only thing that'll stop you are blocks or traps!
Llama In Your Face Llama In Your Face
Llama In Your Face! In this funny pixel defense 'Imbecile Game of the Day' you spit on people whilst bouncing on a trampoline... upgrade your llama!
Pirate Pool Pirate Pool
This is how pirates are playing pool! Use mouse to shoot and remove colored balls in this great billiard game. Don't think too much, just play.
Jump Face Jump Face
The Jump Face is very talented: It can run and move over walls and ceilings. Your part in this one button platform puzzler is to make it jump!
Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes
Get your Strike Force Hero through this well polished and narrated action game. Use WASD to jump and run and your mouse to shoot enemies.
Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2
Feed your Effing Worm! Move and even fly your giant monster worm through the great sequel to the massive action game. Eat, grow and upgrade!
Uddercover Uddercover
This is agent 00Cow, on her Moo-ness Secret Service! Move through the levels of the funny stealth game 'Uddercover' and disguise as a cow!?!
Steamlands Player Pack Steamlands Player Pack
Here comes a Player Pack with a bunch of new levels for the great pixel battle game Steamlands. Build your own war vehicles and fight enemies.
Chunkadelic Chunkadelic
Chunkadelic is a weird but also highly enjoyable mini games collection in which you have to prove your arcade skills in different genres.
Old Man Baby Old Man Baby
In the platform puzzle game 'Old Man Baby' you can easily switch your age just by going through the waterfalls of time. Choose your states wisely!
60 seconds Burger Run 60 seconds Burger Run
Hurry Up! Get fatso to his favorite burger bar within the next 60 seconds in great and hard retro platform game. Use your weight to break blocks!

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