Free Fun Games

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Enjoy these great free flash games.   These free flash games can be played online!

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Stinger Zed Stinger Zed
Help soldier 'Stinger Zed' to blow up all enemies using his bazooka and some stinger missiles in this quite entertaining physics skill game!
Next Please Next Please
Next Please!... In this cool platform puzzle game you can clone yourself and use your own as platforms... Got it? It's actually pretty easy!
Jolly Jong Journey Jolly Jong Journey
In the board game Jolly Jong Journey you must clear each play of Mahjong making sure you collect all the pieces that are displayed on the bottom of the screen. Choose wise and get the highest score!
Killbot! Killbot!
In the platform adventure Killbot! your goal is to escape from the lab and get your revenge on the owners that manipulated you. Use your physic abilities and disguises to get the job done. You can move and freeze things using your brain power!
Sky Defender Sky Defender
If you like action defense game with really well polished graphics be sure to check out 'Sky Defender'! Use your mouse to shoot attackers.
Magnet Kid Magnet Kid
In this cool retro platform puzzle game you need to use your magnetic skills very wisely in order to get your Magnet Robo Kid to the exits!
Super Defense Super Defense
It's a long way before you will have a 'Super Defense' in this shmup because it's a typical upgrade game! But it'll be worth the effort!
Here comes one challenging puzzle game that'll tickle your brain! Use arrows to walk and hit space to change gravity or to enter doors.
Cat Stretch Cat Stretch
This stretchy cat is a perfect arcade hero: Due to its elastic neck it can use its head to smash enemies or even to use it as a grappling hook!
Crumpled Crumpled
Get a doodle dude and his magic blob through the crumpled worlds of the clever platform puzzler Crumpled! The Blob can assume various shapes!
Suspense Suspense
In the pretty confusing platform puzzle game 'Suspense' you have to switch between three layers wisely in order to get your sprite through the levels!
Escape From Nightmare Escape From Nightmare
Beware of the darkness in the artsy platformer 'Escape From Nightmare'. Use mouse to keep the light shining or your journey will find a sudden end!
Dragon Quest Dragon Quest
Platform puzzle game. Defeat the enemies and try to find the key of the exit door.
Humbugger Humbugger
It's funny as hell but also hard as hell: The slightly imbecile platform game 'Humbugger', in which you play an escapee and his chicken.
Futurecade Futurecade
How will arcade games look like in the future? Well, maybe just like the minigames collection you will find in the futuristic 'Futurecade'.
Dead Zed Dead Zed
Head Shot! Not only that you have to kill attacking zombies, you'll also have to find and manage survivors and other stuff in 'Dead Zed'!
Kung Fu Grandpa Kung Fu Grandpa
How needs a Kung Fu Panda when you can play a 'Kung Fu Grandpa'? Beat up youngsters in this funny brawler using arrows and ZXC!
Just Another Day Just Another Day
It's Just Another Day in the black and white pixel world! Use your arrow keys to walk and hit Z to jump through the sweet retro screens.
Zmash TX Zmash TX
It's time to kill kill kill in the action game 'Zmash TX'. Use WASD and your mouse to move and shoot just like in 'Super Smash TV'.
The Fishermans Wrath The Fishermans Wrath
Free your people from the evil alien invaders in the action adventure game 'The Fishermans Wrath'. Customize your hero and learn to fight.
Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture Era 2 Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture Era 2
Point and click puzzle adventure. You're lost in ancient times. Find the time-warper and get home.
I Cant Afford A Wheelchair I Cant Afford A Wheelchair
Here comes 'The most realistic office simulation of 2012'... the Imbecile Game of the Day! But keep in mind: 'You Can't Afford A Wheelchair'.
Aliens Defense Aliens Defense
Protect your base by placing generators and turrets into the screen in the very well balanced turret defense game 'Aliens Defense'.
Snow Tale Snow Tale
Pixel art junkies, here comes some yummy stuff: 'Snow Tale' is a great mix of 'Snow Bros' and classic platform action with a touch of puzzler.
Rock N Load Rock N Load
Protect your neck and your balloons as well in the sweet arcade shooter 'Rock N Load'. Use arrows and A to move and shoot falling blocks.

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